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This Festival Season We Got You Covered!


      DressJessXO, Jessica Carroll looked beautiful as she gives 3 outfit planning tips in her Dixon Apparel attire for Stage Coach!! Check out the article in her amazing Fashion Blog!!…/22/3-totally-cute-stagecoach-outf

      Fally Fall Fall

      We are kind of obsessed with fall!  Its a great opportunity to show off your style by putting on as many layers of clothing as you want without having to be all bulked up in the heavy coats of winter.  When a stranger tells you they like your top you may find yourself asking, "Which one?  Do you mean my leather jacket, or the flannel under that or the vintage tank under that, or possibly the lacey bandeau...UNDER THAT?!"  Truth is, you'll most likely never know because they will have walked away mid way through your sentence, but the fact...

      Well Hey There!

      We wanted to take a second to meet ya!  A little about us and our store...  We wanted to make things fun and silly 'round here because shopping shouldn't be too serious!  Our motto is "A touch of the South on the edge of the West" meaning that we combined soft feminine pieces with a few bolder ones to create our style.  Always remember where you came from but embrace where you are now!  We hope you love it here and we are glad to have you be a part of our family!